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With 20 veterans taking their own lives each day, the United States military faces a mental health crisis of historic proportions. Join us in the support of the creation of a Behavioral Health Corps (BHC) in the armed services - a single, unified corps that adequately addresses the urgent and critical mental health needs of our nation’s heroes.


" If the public takes one message away from this film: reach out to your member of Congress and request that they support a Behavioral Health Corps in the military #bhcnow. That will be the best action that they can take to help address the plaque of suicides that our veterans are suffering "
- Dan Rice, President, Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point


Step One

Host your own screening to continue to expose communities to the need to make mental health a priority for our military personnel and veterans.

step two

Let your local representative know that you think the mental health of our military personnel and veterans should be a priority.

Step three

Donate to BHCNOW.  Your donation will go toward creating education advocacy and awareness for the need for a Behavioral Health Corps in the military.

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